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Jason Morgan (General Hospital)
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Meanwhile, he and Sam file for divorce, as she decides to stay with Drew. Jason suffered brain injuries that resulted in total memory loss. When she confronts him about kissing Elizabeth, Jason confronts her about kissing John. Jason immediately departs, vowing that anyone who hurts Sam needs to be dealt with.

  1. Sonny it seems in a state of shock doesn't say much and leaves heading to Claudia's birthday party at the Metro Court Hotel.
  2. When Jason refused Robin begged Sonny to fire Jason.
  3. Jake's paternity is revealed to Lucky, but they agree to let Lucky be the father.
  4. At the hospital, Patrick runs more tests and has to break the news to Jason that his condition is inoperable.
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She and Jason discuss the possibility of her having the surgery. Morgan reunites with his mom Morgan leaves, and Michael follows him, where they get into a fistfight. Aaron Refvem as Morgan Corinthos. Morgan runs back to the boathouse, and convinces Kiki to come to the court house with him to get a marriage license. He tells Morgan that they're planning to grab Carlos at the pier and kill him.

General Hospital

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Jason is there when she awakes and is forced to tell her that her baby died. The next morning they are at the Metro Court together since it was a safe place to meet. However, Ava won't back down, and Morgan says she can start working for Sonny instead to help bring down Julian. She sees Jason walking through the door, only to be disappointed later when she realizes he was never there and she imagined him.

However, Morgan uses the situation as a way to get revenge on his father and brother. There was speculation that the character was a recast for the role of Morgan. Jason Morgan Courtney Matthews deceased. It is unknown at this time if General Hospital plans to recast the role.

Jason goes on the run with Sam when he is accused of murder. Courtney was pregnant, but lost the baby when trying to escape from Lorenzo Alcazar. Kiki also moves in the brothers and Morgan notices the sexual tension between them.

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It's also revealed that Jason is the baby's father because Heather switched the paternity test. After the reception, Brenda was seemingly killed in a car bomb. Morgan goes over to see his father where he hears his mother Carly talking that they need to the pull the trigger. Sam has a fertility reconstruction procedure, and the results are successful.

Jason finds Sam and the baby and is forced to tell her that her baby is dead. Molly Lansing Spencer Cassadine. Morgan takes a liking to his father Sonny's new bodyguard, Dominic Pirelli and the two bond over the New York Yankees. Sam takes the drugs this time and is under the influence of them as Shiloh finishes the tattoo. He briefly lived with Susan's aunt, Alice Grant until Alan came to get him.

Monica Quartermaine Leslie Charleson. Carly goes into false labor, and is eventually rescued by Sonny, Jason and Ric himself. He refuses to accept blame, claiming they're responsible for ruining his marriage, and that Ava is the only one he can trust. However, Morgan refuses, and Sonny tells him he needs to get out of the mob business before he hurts someone else. Meanwhile, dating his relationship with Ava continues to progress.

During the ensuing shootout, Jason is pinned beneath a pile of rubble and Jerry taunts Jason with lies about Claudia's innocence before shooting him twice and leaving him for dead. Ava is reluctant to give Morgan up, and provides Sonny info on Julian to prove her loyalty. Jason and Sam during her pregnancy The next day, Jason takes off his wedding ring.

GENERAL HOSPITAL s Brandon Barash Introduces the New Lady in His Life

Jason also had to come to terms with Sonny dating his sister, Emily. Jason believes Ewen is working with Jerry, but Spinelli and Elizabeth, who is dating Ewen, do not believe him. Jason and Elizabeth start dating and get engaged, but when Michael is shot and left in a coma, Jason breaks up with Elizabeth. Jason was unable to deal with the betrayal of Sonny and Carly, ed and jaclyn bachelor and left town. Jason tells Sonny this and he says he wants it tested from someone who can be trusted because it was obvious that she was drugged.

Jason and Sonny listen to Shiloh and Sam. When Sam asks why he cares, Jason says because she is his wife, and he's worried she could get hurt because Todd is dangerous. Jason was jealous of Sam's growing friendship with John so he sent two guys to beat John up and convince him to go back home.

When they go to tell Kristina and Molly about this, Michael ends up revealing that he killed Claudia when Kristina berates their dad for killing his own wife. Jason and Sam later receive the results of the paternity test and Jason learns that he is the father of Sam's baby. She tells Jason and he has a hard time accepting the news.

While they are there, Sam and John come in after she fainted to make sure she hasn't been infected with the poison. When she tells Jason she's trying to break into Todd's safe, he offers to stand guard while she does that, and Sam accepts. Jason decides to go to Ferncliff to talk to Heather, but Spinelli gets a phone call from Steve, Heather's son, and informs Jason that Heather escaped from Ferncliff. He is a perfect donor for Danny.

He is brought to General Hospital, and has multiple reconstructive surgeries to his face. General Hospital characters. They find Olivia hurt in the stairwell, and she tells them Heather pushed her, and is in the hospital with the baby. Carly was released from the hospital and began to put a strain on Jason and Robin's relationship. While he's there, Spinelli calls Jason and tells him Steve came in to the hospital after being attacked by Heather.

Jason resumes a friendship with Sam, who has partnered with Spinelli in her quest to start a private investigation firm. Jason saved Anna from Peter and tried to kill him, but Anna stopped him since Peter was her son as well and therefore Jason allowed him to get arrested. Then in the aftermath of the quake, Jason and Sam developed feelings for each other. You and Jason were never legally married, right, so you're divorced now, so what does it matter? Michael who was supposed to be leaving town, comes across a nearby cabin where Claudia's stealing Carly's newborn daughter, radioisotopes used in carbon so he grabs an axe and bludgeons her to death.

While still portraying Jason Quartermaine, the writers saw the chemistry between him and Benard and decided to create Jason Morgan. Jason met Robin on the bridge, and they said a last goodbye. An unstable Sonny, decides to expose that Morgan knew the truth of about Kiki's paternity before he married her. He goes into a coma for several weeks. Who's the father of Ava's baby?

  • Morgan is thrown from the bus and separated from the others with a broken leg.
  • He offers her the drugs that the other girls had given Kristina, but she refuses and he is okay with it.
  • With Brenda living with Jason, he and Sam barely get to spend anytime together.
  • Robin comes up with a medicine to save him, but tragically dies in a lab explosion.
  • Sam convinces Jason to go on an experimental drug that Robin finds, to help him regain his memory.

Jones adoptive Nelle Benson adoptive. When Jason is finally freed he runs to a sleeping Sam. But when she finds out that he had John beat up, she refuses to forgive him, outdoor dating canada and pushes him away.

Jason Morgan

Jason Morgan (Steve Burton)

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Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig)

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