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Even if you protest, he just loves seeing a smile on your face. He would notice your makeup immediately and would pull out all the stops just to make you blush furiously. Yixing would be so proud of you and your talent at makeup he would feel the need to take you out to show it. So, let me take care of you tonight. Originally posted by yixingsosweet.

Over the past few days, Junmyeon had been stressed out more than ever. When Jongin notices your makeup, he will immediately grab your face and begin to examine it. Originally posted by blondejongin. He will post lots of cute selfies of the two of you wearing matching hoodies and being all cuddly with each other. However, good online dating these rumors were proven to be fake because it was an attempt to generate web traffic.

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Exo dating game full
  1. See Terms of Use for details.
  2. Chanyeol loves to show you off, especially on social media.
  3. He is constantly trying to better himself for you and he will need reassurance of that every so often.

In preparation for the tour, S. Every night with Baekhyun is a wild one. Exo Reaction to you coming home late after a long day to find them waiting for you outside your house. Can you try it on me someday? You must have known it was me, dating a woman right?

Whilst you are on the date, Yixing will take every opportunity to tell everyone about how talented you are. Lay admitted to having a girlfriend before his debut, but there is not much known about this person who is most likely not a celebrity. They love to help you tease Chanyeol and stick up for you.

Originally posted by chengf. Originally posted by kyungsoo. It is no shock to anyone that Jongin is a very busy man, dating your best therefore you did not expect from to fly all the way from Japan just for your birthday.

Dating Door Game B.A.P

Who has girlfriend in EXO

After waiting in his car for a few minutes he will hurriedly get out and wait outside your door for you to come home. So, after a long day in work you will finally reach your apartment door to see Minseok standing outside of it with some medicine and your favourite candy in his hands for you to enjoy. After that, Junmyeon would often ask you to do his makeup for any public appearances that he had and even offer to get you a job as a makeup artist if you really wanted it. What did you use to get it looking like that? He will spoil you with affection and always be there to cheer you up with his playful antics.

To sum it up, there will never be a dull moment with Baekhyun as your boyfriend. Therefore, when he does get the chance to take time off he will be over at your house in a matter of minutes. Originally posted by subaek. He would be really intrigued by your talent and proceed to quiz you on all the products you used. Is super clingy and affectionate all the time.

  • Pulling at your hips and tracing his fingers all over your skin.
  • Make-out sessions are passionate and super intense to the point where it often just ends in the two of you frantically ripping each others clothes off.
  • Originally posted by misskpopforever.
  • Originally posted by veriloquentmind.
  • After spending a very long time convincing you that he will not be home to see you this weekend.

Luhan also joined the trio on stage for the promotions of the first single on other music programs. And for good reason, as the shocking pictures showed Kai and Krystal allegedly kissing in a swimming pool at Hong C hotel in Gangneung. Being the eyeshadow king himself, he takes pride in your ability to do makeup. However, he is ridiculously shy when he first meets you.

Red velvet Irene might be dating an exo member

All of his songs will be about you tbh. He has no clue what to do or how to approach you so he pesters Baekhyun into introducing you to him. Entertainment, due to health problems and be treated differently than the Korean members.

Originally posted by dazzlingkai. Originally posted by sehunicorne. Entertainment announced that the group will continue promoting with ten members. Flirtatious, cheesy pick up lines are his way of greeting you. After a few days of observing his Jagi getting more and more stressed due to university, he would feel a strong urge to protect and help you get through it.

Originally posted by baekhyunbaekhyunee Oh boy, you have your hands full with this one. Originally posted by mayfifolle. He will completely ignore your whines about ruining your highlight as he continues to kiss your face all over.

K-Pop Reactions Requested Dating EXO Baekhyun

Who has girlfriend in EXO

Hope you all have a happy day. Once the show is over he will be asking you for your opinion. He always wants his actions to match his words. Originally posted by kaiternity.

Red velvet Irene might be dating an exo member
Kpop Dating Door Male Idol Edition

Not much is known if they have really been dating or if it was just a mere coincidence, but being spotted wearing pair shirts more than once might not be a coincindence. Sehun was also rumored to be dating because he once purchased a luxurious Mercedes Benz with tinted windows, possibly hinting that he had something to conceal. You will get the best surprise ever when you see him waiting patiently outside your door.

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